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Thanks for fluttering by.  I've tried to break up this page to be a little more user friendly so you don't have to scroll through lines and lines of text.  I've moved my online journal to a page all by itself.  Sadly, I deleted many of the entries, but hopefully you'll still find encouragement from what's left.

Before I go too far talking about all the changes, I did want to thank Miss Kitty at Full Moon Graphics for the lovely images on my page.  She's incredibly talented.

If you're looking for some helpful writer sites, be sure and flutter on over to my links page.  You'll find URLs for authors as well as writer resources.

Also, please feel free to let me know if you have a site you think should be added to my list.  Maybe even your own site?



I'm a book reviewer for a national magazine, as well as a freelance writer/reviewer.  I've had several articles published, but have yet to reach that elusive dream of novel publication.  

This web page is a kind of cathersis for me as I seek to battle the harsh rejection letters.  Actually,  so far, they haven't been too bad!

Look for an upcoming review in Writers' Journal and my reviews each month in Romantic Times.




















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