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"We must have a weak spot or two
in a character before we can love
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~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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"The beautiful part of writing
is that you don't have to get it
right the first time, unlike, say,
a brain surgeon.
~ Robert Cromier

"Writing is the hardest way of
earning a living, with the possible
exception of wrestling alligators.
~ Olin Miller

"I am not a writer. I am a wordsmith.
I beat my words into submission."
~Sherry G. Spencer

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JOURNAL - December 31, 2003

Please see my BLOG for today's entry. I know I've been remiss in keeping up with this
page, but I'm delighted it is to say I have now sold three books!! My first book was
delayed and did not come out until April 2003 (instead of September 2002). But that
was fine with me. In September 2003, at the Americian Christian Romance Writers
convention in Texas, my novella, Mix and Match, was voted Favorite Novella of the Year!
I was beyond speechless.

My second novella came out in October 2003 and my first, full-length novel will be in
store in the summer of 2004. All I can say is don't give up on your dream. Don't let
the naysayers tell you you're too old or too young, or too dumb, or whatever. Believe in
yourself and go for the gold!

Check out my blog about New Year resolutions versus goals. I hope you'll be kind to
yourself and take things one step at a time. This way, you won't be tempted to throw
in the towel... or typewriter, as the case may be.

Keep Writing!

P.S. If you would like to learn more about my books, please visit my professional site. Thanks!

JOURNAL - December 15, 2001

Well, it finally happened! I sold a book. I'm in shock.

As most of you know, I had to go back to work full time in 1999 and that left very little
time to persue my dream. I kept dabbling, here and there, but never thought I'd
achieve my goal.

This is such a wonderful Christmas gift! One I know all of you hardworking writers
deserve. So, as they say in Galaxy Quest -- NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!! Dare
to dream and work to achieve it. It is so exciting to know that come September 2002
I'll have a real book in my hands that has my name on it....

Thanks for droping by and for all your support and encouragement over the years. Once
I get the manuscript completed and on the editor's desk, I'll be trying to do something
with this page. Hope you'll check back. Thanks. And all the best with your writing!

JOURNAL - June 13, 2000

Oh, my. I've been very neglectful. Sorry! A lot has happened since I last wrote in this,
my online journal. It saddens me greatly to admit I have not been following my own advice.
Here I've been tooting my horn about the importance of chasing after your dreams, and I've been
sitting sidelined on the bench, as it were, whining and complaining. So what if that last publisher
didn't even read my query? There are plenty of other publishers in the sea. I can't let a little
rejection stop me, now can I? After all, I know you haven't. You've been out there every day,
facing the iron-cold glares of editor after editor, daring them to take a peek at that which you poured
yourself into... haven't you? You've been a brave literary solider, and I have ben a coward. I,
your fearless leader, have spoken encouraging words that moved you forth in your journey to
publication, while I have sat trembling and hiding in my tent. Well, no more!

Advance, I say.

Hmmm, just a little histrionic, aren't I? What can I say? I'm a writer. I was excited to
learn that Writer's Journal will be publishing a review I sent to them some time ago.
I have no idea which issue, but I'm thrilled just the same. Since we last spoke, I've also
been made Senior Inspirational reviewer for the magazine I write for. Mostly, that means spending
time tracking down publishers who don't like to answer my e-mails... tee hee. Still, it's another
page in my writing journey.

I guess there is a time and place for everything. And while I have not pursued publication for my
two novels, I have endeavoured to keep writing and master my craft -- is it possible to be
a master at this? Perhaps, develop is a more appropriate word.

Bone-weary from working full-time in a demanding social services job, raising children and taking
care of a home, I struggle sometimes just to get my words on paper. Often, I am burdened by
guilt, feeling that I should be spending time with my children, rather than scratching out a
few more lines. What is this desire to create? And why does it burn so deep within? There are
so many things I need to say -- is time running out? Or will they slip away all too soon?

Excuses. That's what I need. Reasons for not writing. Can anyone give me any? I know you
never use them, but surely you have one or two you can spare. The dog needs a walk? The dishes
are about to get up and shout in protest that they've waited days to be noticed? Help, as you can
see I don't have any really good excuses. My creative thought process seems to crumble when I need
it most. Send me your reasons for not writing -- don't delay, do it today!

Since I'm such a rambler, I'll move some of the other journal entries to a new page. I'll
put up a link when they are moved. Guess I've run out of time. Thanks for dropping by and
hearing my confessions. Please visit again. I find only another writer truly understands my
babblings... I hope I've encouraged you, in some way. Keep the faith!


I'm so excited I don't know what to write. If you've been a regular to this site, you know I submitted a proposal for my book to a publisher in February. And since then have tried to forget about it, knowing it would take forever to get a response. Well, guess what? I was wrong!! On April 29, 1999 I received a letter requesting the entire manuscript. I'm sure most of you heard my screams of excitment clear across the country. Who needs Ma Bell, eh?

So, if you want to know what it's like to be one step closer to your dream, you have to submit. While my emotions are on a roller coaster right now, I wouldn't want it any other way. If I can do nothing else for you, at least let me inspire you to bravely send your work out. I know it's tough. You pour your heart and soul into your stories, but what good does it do if you hide them from the world?

Ignore those nasty comments from jealous coworkers who tell you you'll never sell. Pretend you don't see your friends roll their eyes when you decide to write rather than to go out with them. If this is your dream -- you're the only one who can make it happen. I know you can do it. I know you have it in you to succeed.

And speaking of words, check out my Hot off the Press page. I'm thinking of changing my site to this new neon format. Let me know what you think!

So, I've added a few more pages. These ones contain WordPerfect 8 tips. If you're writing your Best Seller and need to streamline your formatting time, check out these TIPS. Hope they help.

If this is your first time here, have a look around. It's not finished and may always be under construction, but I like to think there is something here for every writer. And most importantly I hope I've been able to inspire you to write.

If you need help finishing your novel, or even starting it, click RIGHT HERE!

In the meantime, have a look around, sign the guest book or send me email!

No matter the reason for not writing, I hope you'll take a good look at your schedule and allow more time for your passion. It is my number one New Year's Resolution. Why not make it yours too. I encourage you to write to the best of your ability in 1999 and may your reward be publication!!

So what are you doing here? Go write something! (tee hee) Actually, why not prime the pump, as it were, and sign my guest book first...then go write.

* * * * * * * * *


You can send me email, if you'd like. I love getting mail (except for bills). As a writer, I often wait impatiently for the mailman to bring news of acceptance or rejection. Now with email, I don't wait near as long!! All the writings on these pages are copyrighted and available. If you want to use my work, please ask me first. Thanks!

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And one last thing. If you are looking for a good romance novel that takes
place in Vancouver, check out "FIND HER, KEEP HER" by Judy Jackson
(Scarlet Publishing). The book is available at Chapters and Save On
(ISBN #1-85487-562-0).

Thanks for the award!

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