Writing Exercises for the week of September 6, 1999

They say a writer needs to write everyday. Don't know if I agree, but I do know I feel better if I've penned a few words daily. In this busy world, it is often hard to find time to be alone with our thoughts and sometimes we need a boost. Or maybe you just want to see if you can write on demand!

Exercise 1:

I love reading dedications. You know, those few lines at the beginning of a book. Sometimes they are cryptic, sometimes they are just sweet, but always they interest me. In this writing exercise I want you to write a dedication. Not for your book, but for your life. You're probably laughing, thinking that's easy, but it's not. You only have a few lines and "To Mom and Dad" won't cut it. Good luck!

Exercise 2:

You are writing a letter to your family while away at camp. You want to tell them everything you did. There's just one problem. You must start every sentence with the last word of the previous sentence. Can you do it? It isn't as easy as it sounds...

Exercise 3:

You're an advice columnist and you've just received a letter from a reader asking you what they should do with Uncle Charles' shoes. Twenty years ago when he died, he made the family promise to keep them as a reminder of his life. Should they break that promise now, and why? Or should they continue to keep it, and why?

If you would like to suggest a writing exercise, feel free to contact. If you write something you'd like to share, please do.


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