The whole time I was pregnant, I could hardly wait to deliver. I
was tired of carrying this extra load around, and more than that I just
couldn't wait to find out what I was having: a boy, a girl, or an

Of course, after my daughter was born, I still wasn't happy.
Next, I could hardly wait until she was potty trained. It was so
tiresome to go out of the house. There was just no going out without
the stroller, diaper bag, complete with bottles, diapers, clothes,
soothers, baby wipes, gripe water, baby food, etc. etc. I was so loaded
down, I often forgot to get my child! There just wasn't any more arm
space or strength left!

When my son was born, I knew it was just a few years and I could
say goodbye to all the paraphernalia I had been constantly toting. I
would no longer need to be working out with weights to improve my
biceps. It would be a dream come true. We could go out like a normal
family. I knew it would be heaven and so close at hand.


My son is now seven years old. And I'm still loaded down. Oh not
with diapers and bottles, we're past that stage. But with spare shoes,
socks, pants, coat, and more. See it doesn't matter where we go —
church, shopping, school or visiting — my son ALWAYS needs something.

If he doesn't rip his jeans climbing a tree, his
shoes and socks are soaked from accidentally (on purpose?)
stepping into a puddle. His pockets are often filled
with sand, rocks, pop bottle caps and things I don't even
want to know. In fact, I never ask where they came from
any more. It's scary.

No event outside the house is a simple one. He always has to bring
something with him — his walkman, gameboy, books (I should be grateful
for this one), or toys. But who ends up taking care of them? Moi, of
course. Oh sure, I tell him if he brings it, he has to carry it...but
after awhile I just can't tolerate the pleading any more.

How much can one woman carry? But more importantly, I have to
wonder will it ever end? Will they eventually need less and less every
time we step out the front door? Can I ever look forward to leaving my house empty-handed?

And so as I set here, dreading our visit to my parents' house tomorrow, I
am mentally preparing for the big event. Where's my checklist? Have I
got everything? Sigh.

If only it were the good old days. You know, when they
were tucked safely inside the womb. At least
everything came bundled in one easy to carry package and
my arms were free (not to mention normal)!



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