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I know I'm always having fun on this site, but this month I want to talk about something very important: Words. Not just the words we, as writers, write, but the words we, as writers, hear. Tell someone you are jogging every day in preparation to run the Boston Marathon and they think it's admirable. But tell them you write every day hoping to sell a book eventually, and they think you're unstable. Their reaction, and yes, their words can actually harm your creativity. They can cause you to lose sight of your dream and lose faith in yourself. Valuable tools a writer can not afford to lose.

Sophy Burnham, author of For Writers Only, says:
For we all have stories. And they must be told. In telling our stories we affirm our selves, our very being, and thereby the purpose of our Creator and our lives.

You may have friends and relatives who think you are wasting your time writing. Their words come back to haunt you. And then you hear that soft, inner voice saying, "You can't do this. Look at that sentence. It stinks." But you must ignore them, cast those words onto the crest of outgoing waves for you have a story that must be told. Throw those words of self-doubt into the fireplace. Don't give those words a place in your heart.

Maybe you are surrounded by well-meaning people who give you advice on how to write your book. Don't listen. Place imaginary ear plugs in your ears. They would never proceed to tell a doctor how to mend a broken arm (well most of them) why should they tell you how to write your story. It would be like setting out to make a soup. But everyone who came to visit that day gave you a suggestion. Some told you it needed more carrots, others said it needed less broth, and so on. Come dinner time, you no longer had soup – you had stew! Don't give their words a place in your heart.

Perhaps you have friends who are very interested in your stories. They invite you out to coffee and ask to hear what you are working on. You delight in sharing the words nearest and dearest to you. Your story is alive and vibrant. But after telling several people, something is now missing. It's like having to write out Christmas cards. The first card is lengthy and full of all the information from the past year. Who played at a recital, who had a birthday, who got an A in school. By the time you are on your 60th card, you merely say, "Is it that time of year again? Bah Humbug!" Don't give away the words in your heart.

Promise me you will ignore the words that threaten to take away your dream. Promise me you'll write even when the words won't come. For every unkind word spoken about your goal, write ten words towards your aspiration. Like the piano player who practices every day and derives pleasure that no one questions, so shall you write. Words have the power to change the world – will you write them or be undermined by them?



Well, that's all I have on my mind this month. Still no word when the Brio article will be published. And still no word whether the publisher wants my full manuscript. Gosh this waiting game is hard. I guess that's why the experts suggest sending stuff out all the time. Are you doing that? In fact, what did you do today to advance your writing career? Come on, you can do it. If you need inspiration, I find reading magazine articles always boots my desire to write. Or entering a contest. So go for it!

UPDATE: The publisher requested a complete of my manuscript! I'm in shock. Keep your fingers crossed!!




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